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DomuS3D® Online Guide: Depth of Field

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One of the most impressive effects available with the Rendering module in DomuS3D® 2018 is DOF: Depth of Field.
With this effect, you can leave part of the image out of focus, so that anyone who looks at the scene will concentrate on the right portion of it. Moreover, this is a realistic effect because even the human eye behaves the same and the professional cameras too.

How to set the focused area?

Firstly, open the Navigation window and select your point of view that you will use for the rendering process.
If the focused are is connected to a furnishing, right click the mouse button and select the following command: Set as focused subject.
Indeed, if the focused area cannot be linked to an existing item, go back to the Layout window. As you can see in the image, if you select a View with the left mouse button the Application shows you the focused area thanks to 2 blue lines, perpendicular to the View axis (indicated by the red arrows in the image).

Open the View Properties mask and, as you would do on a standard camera, start changing the FOV or Aperture (Opening) values: you will notice that the focused area delimiters will change accordingly.

How to enable Depth of Field effect in the Render process?

Once you have set the DOF parameters of the view, you can start the rendering. Nevertheless, don't forget to enable this effect prior starting the rendeirng:
• click the Rendering-Full image button of the Ribbon (as you do usually in order to start the rendering process or prepare a Render Job for the Render Manager).
• select the Preview and exposure button,
• go to the Exposure Control section, and set Type to Photographic,
• finally scroll down the parameters property grid, and Active control in the Depth of Field section.

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