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DomuS3D® and Metron: modular furnishing

DomuS3D® v. 2017 will allow users to import kitchen and bathroom furniture made with Metron

Maticad and TesySoftware will soon release a specific module that will allow to integrate the latest versions of DomuS3D® and TGeo/Metron. Metron is one of the leading software for modular furnishing design, used by most important Manufacturers in Italy and abroad.

During Cersaie Maticad has presented the new integration using the catalogue from Scavolini; the integrating module allows users to keep both applications independent, but still able to communicate each other in order to transfer projects information as well as the built cabinets.

This is the workflow that will be followed:

1. Start your project within DomuS3D®, create walls and place doors and windows

2. Then jump to Metron in order to start drawing the kitchen or the bathroom units

3. Finally import the cabinet with just 1 click in DomuS3D®; you will be able to complete the project with tiling schemes, technical blueprints (*), and professional rendering made available by mental ray® and V-Ray®, or share the scene with the new Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR, or cardboard, etc...


(*) Technical operations for the modular furnishing (variations, technical blueprints, order to Manufacturer ...) can still (and have to) be done in Metron.

You can see an example of the DomuS3D®-Metron integration following this link:

In the next image you can see the Metron User Interface while you are creating a bathroom concept.

In the next image you can see the result of importing the Metron composition in DomuS3D®, and rendering it using V-Ray®.

Follow this link if you want to see available catalogues for Metron.