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How to open Panoramic Images with DomuS360

Here are some simple and short instructions to quickly view your panoramic and stereoscopic images with the Domus3D 360 App


DomuS3D 360 is the app that allows you to easily share all that is created with DOMUS3D® through the cloud. If you haven't downloaded DomuS3D 360 yet, you can now do it via the link at the bottom of this page, or you can just click here for more information.

step_1 With the app running on your smartphone or tablet, touch the three dots icon and select one of the following:
  • Public projects gallery (Cloud) if you want to download a public project from the cloud
  • I have the code if you want to download a private project for which you received the code via email
Once you have downloaded the project, you can go back to the main page of the App. By touching the thumbnail you can open it and see the related contents (images, 360 panoramas, 3D navigation views, datasheets, etc)
step_3 You can open the VR (Virtual Reality) panorama (indicated by this image with the blue icon). A pop-up window will then ask you to open it in Virtual Reality view or in normal 2D view
For the VR click 'YES'

The panorama is divided into the right and left channel. Now you can insert the smartphone into your headset and start navigating

If there are multiple points of view and you have a remote control available, you can click on button 'A' in order to move from one to another, or to check tile information (if any). Place the pointer on the hotspot and click on button 'A'

step_5 You must configure your viewer for your smartphone in order to use it at its best. To do this, click on the gearwheel icon on the main page and the configuration page appears. You can now click on Change viewer and scan the QR code on the device or on their box

Download App DOMUS3D 360


Access the Google Play Store and download DOMUS3D 360 or
click here to open the PlayStore on the App Page.

Access the AppStore and download DOMUS3D 360, or
click here to open the PlayStore on the App Page.