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Online Guide: how to draw a curved wall

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To design a new layout that includes curved walls, select the “draw polyline” option in the new project window.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a second layout in an already open project, you can launch the “polyline” command from the CAD menu. .

Start by drawing the straight walls of your room.

To draw a curved wall that will close off the room, click on the “Arch” button in the CAD menu and choose the option “Point-Point-Radius”.

With the “Orthogonal” option off (use the “O” key to toggle on/off), click on the two end points of the arch, then specify the radius of curvature. Once done, hit the “Enter” key to end the command.

Using this command, the outline of your room has been created. The final step is to transform this outline into a recognizable “room” within the project. This can be done using the “Room by selection” command in the CAD menu. When selecting, be sure to include all geometric elements (i.e. all lines/curves of the room outline) in the selection area (for example, by clicking on point A and keeping the left mouse button pressed down until point B, letting go when the entire area is highlighted).

Since it is possible to make several selections consecutively, the “Room by selection” command must be brought to an end by using the “Enter” key. If all of the entities in the selected area are consistent in delineating a closed area, this will confirm your selection and create your room, represented graphically through the automatic generation of wall thickness.

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