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Map a room on your iPad and send it to DomuS3D®

With the new version of the App DomuS3D 360 (currently available for iPad and iPhone) you can map a room on your tablet and send it to the DomuS3D® designer

DomuS3D 360 is a free App available for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), made available by Maticad in order to share projects, rendered images, 360° Panoramas, technical blueprints, PDF etc.…. Projects can be shared if you have DomuS3D® Venus or later.

Starting from v. 1.5 DomuS3D 360 allows you also to map a room: you can use an easy 2D CAD module available in the App, draw a room on the device, place objects and send the project to DomuS3D® (Venus or later) through the Cloud.

App is available for download connecting to the App Store or following this link:

The twin App for Android systems is meant to be available on July 2016; if you want to be kept up to date about its availability, connect to and register your e-mail address to the web site newsletter.

You can draw the room shape so that wall dimensions can be the real ones.
As you have completed the structure of the room, you can start placing objects inside (doors, windows, basic objects for the bathroom environment).

In any moment you can Save the project, Undo recent operations, or enter the Settings mask, where you can customize a lot of the Mapping Module properties.



If you save the mapping and close the project, you will see the project properties section on the right side of the device: in there you can select command Take a snapshot. This command allows you to make photographs and save them together with the project. Later on you can decide to share them too when sending the project to the DomuS3D® designer.

The project properties section hosts a command called Send to DomuS3D®. Sending a mapping project to DomuS3D® allows DomuS3D® designer to load a project from the Cloud and keep on working on it with the power and potentials given by DomuS3D®, the leading software for interior decoration in the covering materials and sanitary ware market. You can load room mappings if you’re running DomuS3D® Venus or later.

Once the designer completes the project, rendered images, 360° Panoramas, technical blueprints, estimates etc., he/she will be able to share them back using DomuS3D 360; in this way designer can send the project back to the App, so that customer/colleague can receive and evaluate proposal(s) even if not in the same location as the designer (remote collaboration).

Enjoy DomuS3D 360

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