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DOMUS3D 360: to visualize and share DOMUS3D® projects

Share projects to your colleagues and customers easy and fast. It's available on Android and IOS devices too


Our mobile app allows you to visualize and share projects, catalogues, attached documents, images, 360° panoramas, and other content created with DOMUS3D®. By connecting to cloud services, you can quickly share project information with clients, colleagues, workers, etc

DOMUS3D 360 allows you to show and share projects and renderings made with DOMUS3D®.
With DOMUS3D® and Live! services, in fact, you will be given free space in the Cloud in order to publish projects for your colleagues and customers. Projects can be:

Private/Confidential: in this case they will be seen and downloaded JUST by the users who will receive the project password
Pubblici: in this case projects can be downloaded by everyone using the App. A great opportunity for telling the World something about you and the Professional Services you can deliver your customers together with DOMUS3D®

Shared projects can contain one or more attachments:

  • 3D scenes to be navigated
  • Image gallery with photos and rendering
  • Technical blueprints and catalogues in PDF format
  • 360° Panoramas
  • Excel spreadsheets, WORD documents, etc...

Download App Now


Connect to Google Play and download DOMUS3D 360 or click here to open the page dedicated to the App.


Connect to App Store and download DOMUS3D 360, or click here to open the page dedicated to the App.