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Soon available new DomuS3D® version

On Wednesday 24, February DomuS3D® 2016 will be available for download

New DomuS3D® version, called DomuS3D® 2016, will be available starting from Wednesday 24, February.

It'll contain a lot of new and improved features. Among all:

  • available in 32 and 64 bit
  • new Sharp Catalogues for furnishings: thanks to hooks, finishes and akin elements, designing a room in your Point of Sale will be far quicker than before
  • new room layout management: drawing and modifying walls, automatic dimensions  for walls, doors and windows, copy/paste for rooms, etc...
  • FBX 3D formats can now be loaded in the project (database)
  • new version of the App DomuS3D 360 for the iPad and iPhone; you can now map a room, and send it to DomuS3D® as a native project, via the Cloud
  • opportunity of customizing the off-shaded effect
  • new version of the V-Ray rendering engine: 20 to 30% quicker than the previous one
  • and much more...

On Feb 24 Standalone version only will be available; Client-Server will be released by the end of March
Here it is the logo of the new version:

If you are running DomuS3D® already, you will soon receive a complete list of what's new in DomuS3D®  2016.

MATICAD s.r.l.

Development Team