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Mobile App allows you to visualize and share DOMUS3D® projects

DomuS3D 360 is an App designed to share projects, catalogs, attached documents, images, 360 ° panoramas and other content created with DomuS3D®.

You have all the cloud space you need to share your projects. By connecting to cloud services, you can quickly share project information with clients, colleagues, workers, etc.

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Which documents can you share?

Shared projects can contain one or more attachments:

  • 3D scenes to be navigated
  • Image gallery with photos and rendering
  • Technical blueprints and catalogues in PDF format
  • 360° Panoramas
  • Excel spreadsheets, WORD documents, etc...

Thousands of projects at your disposal

Find out images, 360° panoramas and Navigable 3D scenes

Get inspired by the best brands and design experts for your future projects.
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