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DomuS3D® VENUS: tips&tricks

How to apply a pattern inside a specific layer

How to apply a pattern inside a specific layer

Follow these steps in order to apply a pattern on a layer of the project. We will create the layer by choosing the feature that allows you to tile a shower box corner.

  1. In Navigation window click the right mouse button on the corner related to the shower box. Then select command Corner--Tile shower box corner
  2. Choose a tile and set layer dimensions (usually the ones of the shower tray)
  3. Open Components windows, in the Patterns section search the pattern you want to apply. Finally select floor mood (1) and surface as destination
  4. Drag the patten and drop it on the first layer. Do the same for the second layer too
  5. Open the Tiles section of the Components window, then search for the tile you want to use.
  6. Select option “Replace repetitive tile”, as you can see in this image 
  7. Now there's nothing more to be done than dragging and dropping tiles over the layers. You can do it with as many times as you want, on both layers.

Note. This way of working can be used also on layers created by features: Vertical Tiling, Areas that can be Tiled and Tile an Insert.

You may also be interested in such modules, available in the DomuS3D User Manual (click here to download it):

- Tile a Shower box corner (page 90)
- Vetical tiling (page 91)
- Tile an insert (page 92)
- Tile a countertop (page 93)