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DomuS3D®: tips&tricks

How to orientate Spot Lights

How to orientate spotlights

In this lesson we'll learn how to change spotlights orientation. In the specific, we'll create vertical spotlights inside a shower box.

  1. Place the spotlight in the layout window. Take care of setting their position in proximity of the real 3D objects
  2. You can insert new lights from the Layout window, with the command New Light, available in the VIRTUAL NAVIGATION section of the Ribbon
    Choose Spot light option.
  3. Spot lights need 2 points for placement: the first one is the light position, the second one is the target  (target is the direction where the spot light points to)

  4. Take care of choosing the correct light and target elevation. Moreover, change Target position (X-Y), so that it is the same as the Light position. In this way, spot light will be perfectly vertical
  5. Now open the Navigation window, and find out the spot light. In Navigation window spot lights a symbolized with a with cone. If you can't see lights in Navigation you have to enable them. Click the command called Show/Hide lights in the NAVIGATION section of the Ribbon (this command is available in 2016 version only. Open the Options mask if you have a former version)

  6. If you want, you can temporarily hide the shower box, so that you will be able to move the spot light and its target without any item interfering (click the right mouse button over the box, and select command Hide)
  7. Now click the right mouse button over the light, and select command Move3D. Click the right mouse button over the small grey cube to specify that you want to move the Target. Then, select one of the axes in order to start moving the Target
  8. Note: As said before, if you want a detailed vertical position, open the light properties mask, copy and paste Light values in the Target fields
  9. Now you can easily duplicate the light while in Navigation window: click the right mouse button over the light, and select command Copy. Right after duplication you have the opportunity of moving the light using the Gizmo as before (this command is available on version 2016 only. If you have a former version, you can copy light in the Layout window)
  10. Now prepare the light for the rendering: in order to soften the contrast between the bright and the shadowed area, open the Advanced light properties mask (right click the mouse over the light, choose Properties, then click the Advanced button) and set the % spot penumbra to 50 

  11. In the next image you can see a rendering example with % spot penumbra = 0

  12. In the next image you can see a rendering example with % spot penumbra = 50

Thanks for your time.
Enjoy your DomuS3D®

DomuS3D® Technical Support Team