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DomuS3D®: tips&tricks

Linear tiling (vertical)

How to replicate vertical layers with tiles

In this lesson, you will learn how to tile vertical sections of the wall, and replicate them.
You can also find the movie of this trick on  

  1. In the next image, you can see the final result we'll achieve.
  2. Let's start by creating the first vertical layer. You can do this both in Navigation and Tiling (2D wall) window. We usually prefer the latter, as it is easier to operate in there.
    Select the command "Vertical tiling" available in the WALL section of the Ribbon.


  3. Do the same for the second and third layer.

  4. We can now replicate those layers with the command “Modify --> Replicate laying”.

    Select the (3) layers you want to replicate with the left mouse button; then confirm the selection with the right mouse button. You will be asked to specify the base point for replicating: click bottom-left corner of the black tile (see next image).
  5. Specify how many times you want to replicate those layers. The number you're writing does NOT include the first, existing, layers.

  6. Finally, select destination point; together with the base point, destination point will tell the Application the direction where to replicate the layers. We can use the snap available on the bottom-right corner of the grey tile, as you can see in the next image.
  7. If you want to include also the grout between the layers, when you specify the destination point you can use "Point+Delta" mode, so that you can use the snap as you did before, + applying an offset on it.


Watch the movie

You can see this trick in DomuS3D® in the dedicated movie: click here to see the movie on YouTube. 


Thanks for your time.
Enjoy your DomuS3D®

DomuS3D® Technical Support Team