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DomuS3D®: tips&tricks

How to create a sunken bathtub

How to create a sunken (built-in) bathtub

In this lesson we will see how to hide the top face of the container object when you place a tub inside a small and lower wall.
You can also watch the movie of this Trick on 

  1. Let's start creating che container object (a low wall). You can do that in many ways, e.g. using the draw rectangle command you can find in the CAD section of the Ribbon.
  2. Once the rectangle shape is available, click the right mouse button over one of its lines; then select “Create object” command in order to make an extrusion from it and obtain the 3D object. Keep the tiling options as they are, so that it will always be possible to tile it later on.


  3. Now drag&drop the tub from the Components window in the project, and align it in the middle of the container object. Take care of the tub elevation, and make it a little higher that the top face of the container object. As you can see in the next image, there's still a bad effect as the container makes an intersection with the tub. We'll soon get rif of that!

  4. You can hide the undesired face creating a second object, and taking care of placing it in order to have bot top faces at the same level. Application hides, in fact, faces that overlap each other, so that you will not see them in Navigation and Rendering. For this reason we will use the height and elevation properties of the new object so that the top face will be at the same level of the container object's. As in our project we formerly created a container object sized 58 (vertically), the second one will be sized 50 + an elevation of 8. As a result, both top faces will be placed at 58, and they will hide each other following up the shape of the smaller one.

  5. If you go back to the Navigation window and Update it with the dedicated button in the Ribbon bar, you will see the tub without any intersection. You can follow the same procedure even for washbasins and vanities sunked in a countertop. In this case you may need to draw a different shape rather than a rectangle. Do it using the polyline command.


Watch the movie

You can see this trick in DomuS3D® in the dedicated movie: click here to see the movie on YouTube. 


Thanks for your time.
Enjoy your DomuS3D®

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