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DomuS3D®: this month's project

Are you running DomuS3D® Venus or 2016? Download this project (bedroom with wall decors), ready to render with V-Ray and mental ray

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In this issue you will find a project made of two rooms: bedroom + wardrobe room. Project has been made with DomuS3D®  by a school team belonging to IPSIA and A.Volta Institute in Sassuolo, during a contest on best practices for interior design in the Ceramic Tiles market.
As usual, project has been optimized (architecture, tiles, material and - primarily - lights and illumination) in order to get the best results possible while in the render process using V-Ray and mental ray.

Technical details of the project:

Rendered image dimensions 2888 x 1678 pixel
Room(s) surface 31,83 + 18,68 SQM
Polygon-Mesh 37.820
3DFaces 1.132.094
Tiles with BUMP YES
Materials with BUMP YES


Time to render using V-Ray:

53 min 00 sec with single machine

Time to render using mental ray:

1 h 40 min 38 sec (*) with single machine, equipped as follows

Computer type Processor RAM Op. System Graphc card
DELL Alienware Area-51 Intel Core i7 @ 3.5 GHz (8 CPU Cores) 32 GB Windows 10 64 bit NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980

(*) Consider image size when rendering. For example, same project rendered to 2136x1199 pixel resolution needed nearly 50% of the time: approx. 54 min.

Here is the project layout:

Pills on this project:

  1. Materials and lights have been setup in order to render the scene in the best way with V-Ray and mental ray
  2. Project is a multi-room project
  3. Project has been made by a Secondary school team in Sassuolo (IPSIA and A.Volta Institute)
  4. Used plaster is Rose Quartz; Pantone has declared this colour as official colour in spring 2016. It is a very relaxing tone, ideal to be used with walls in a romantic bedroom, better if sided with hardwood (parquet) on the floor
  5. One of the walls has a peculiar decoration: cherry blossoms Resin
  6. On the floor designer has used a staggered pattern (extended with right mouse button + extend floor tiling) in order to have same floor in the rooms
  7. A Velux in the wardrobe room provides more natural light for the rendering process 
  8. Lots of the 3D items have been downloaded from 3Dwarehouse
  9. Spots on the ceiling in order to enhance some areas of the bedroom
  10. In the wardrobe room designer has placed a frame all around the ceiling (Furnishing  – Architectures)
  11. Scene has been rendered with 2888 x 1678 pixel. 
  12. Project is available for DomuS3D® Venus version and later

This is the image you will get rendering the project with V-Ray:

This is the image you will get rendering the project with mental ray:

Download and use it

Click here if you want to download the project compatible with V-Ray.

Click here if you want to download the project compatible with  mental ray.

Then, follow these steps:

1. Extract the project (it's a .PJP file) from the ZIP folder, and save it on disk
2. Open DomuS3D®, close any opened project, and run command  "File->Import/Export->Import project package(s)"
3. Finally, select the file saved in pt. 1


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