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Tips&tricks: degrading effect tiling

Learn how to tile a wall with a degrading effect from the top to the bottom

Tile a wall with a degrading effect from the top to the bottom

In this lesson you will learn how to tile a wall shaping the tiles layer the way you feel.

  1. Open Navigation window, and focus the wall you want to refer to. Then go to the Patterns section of the Components window, select the dynamic pattern you want to use, drag and drop it to the wall

  2. Following image lets you see the result you'll achieve. Dynamic pattern is applied to the entire wall, ready to host the needed tile. Go back to the Components window, and from the Coverings section select the tile you need, drag and drop it over the dynamic pattern (if you have 2016 version this is enough as everything is automatic. With former versions prior dragging the tile you need to check if "Change similar tiles" mood is enabled bottom in the Components window)
  3. Dynamic pattern will automatically size itself to the format of the tile you dragged. Now you need to proceed customizing the basic pattern, and you will do that from within the 2D window of the wall. Click the right mouse button over the wall, and select command Wall (2D)

  4. You will open the following wall view, in 2D:

  5. It is now time to remove unwanted tiles. Go to the Ribbon toolbar, and select command Coverings - Modify - Delete, start selecting the tiles you want to delete with the left mouse button (they are marked with blue color in the next image). Note: if you want to be quicker, don't apply the pattern to the entire wall, but using the strips option. If the height of the strip will be lower than the wall, in fact, tiles to be deleted will be far less.
  6. When done, select right mouse button to confirm and close selection. Next image shows the effect you will get. 
    (if you want to achieve a more realistic effect, you can ask the Application to off-shade the available tiles. Click the right mous button over the tile you want to off-shade, and select comand Create off-shaded effect - Total wall/room tiles)

  7. Now go back to the Navigation window, and see how it is going. In case you want to use the same wall finishing, go to the Materials section of the Ribbon, choose the material, drag and drop it over the side walls and also over the pattern area.

  8. Using the same approach you can customize tile patterns the way you want. Here's an image that shows you a similar effect given with the same pattern and a similar tile:

Thanks for your time.
Enjoy your DomuS3D®

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