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Design Stars: FRANCO ALBINI, between harmony and practicality

Now with Franco Albini's most interesting creations you can make your DomuS3D projects breathtaking


“For us the educational value lies in the work itself and it’s through it that we spread our ideas, not through ourselves”- Franco Albini, 1952

Franco Albini (Robbiate, 17 ottobre 1905 – Milano, 1º novembre 1977) was one of the main and most rigid italian architects of the 20th century as well as one of the most important representatives of the rationalist thinking.
It’s in both Milan and Genoa that he leaves his strongest mark but finally establishes his activity in Milan. IN 1931 he opens his first professional studio starting to engage in the working-class construction. In the 40s Albini starts developing his collaboration with Cassina for whom he draws many objects like chairs, tables, bookstores and so on.
As anticipated with his quote, it’s his masterpieces that speak of him and the philosophy underlying his work: a strong social tension, expressed without redundance pursuing an obsessive concern over details and the costant improvement of his idea. His works of art are able to combine rationality and fantasy, practicality and poetry: that is to say his design, “honest and ethical” at one, his museum inventions always aiming to teach the audience, his design pieces in which craftsmanship and serialization coexist and his urban projects still reflecting modern society’s needs.
Albini rarely spoke or wrote, but he was able to communicate his values through a concrete language making the history of italian and international architecture. After recognizing the value of his works that were declared National Historical Heritage, Franco Albini Association was founded in 2007 to spread a “method lesson” at our disposal.

Here are some of his main projects designed for different sectors:
• 1936 - "Stanza per un uomo" - for the VI Triennial in Milan;
• 1938 - Lead and Zinc pavilion at the Autarkik Exhibition of the Italian Mineral in Rome
• 1939 - Water and light building at E42 in Rome, architecture contest (this work was never actually carried out);
• 1968 - "Sirrah" lamp, with Franca Helg e Antonio Piva;
• 1958 – Olivetti Shop in Paris;

Franco Albini was master in designing objects as well. From today on some of these beatiful elements will be found in DomuS3D library to decorate your projects with. Look them up in the DOWNLOAD section under “Maticad generic objects” tag. Once downloaded and installed, it will be enough to type Franco Albini on the search bar, FURNISHINGS section.

1 - Veliero Shelving

3 - Cicognino table

5 - Canapo rocking chaise longue

7 - Mitragliera lamp

9 - Luisa armchair

2 - Table lamp

4 - Ottoman

6 - Swing-arm ceiling lamp

8 - Florenza sofa

10 - Hoop chair