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Design Stars: CARLO MOLLINO, the designer without industry

Now with Carlo Mollino 's most interesting creations you can make your DomuS3D projects breathtaking


“To be understood, any architecture should be read in its own language. And languages' number can be infinite.”
Carlo Mollino

Carlo Mollino (Turin, 1905-1973), architect, designer, set designer, photographer, writer, pilot of airplanes and racing cars, is one of the most genial and extravagant personalities, and at the same time one of the most complete artists of the twentieth century.

Mollino graduated in architecture in 1931, and quickly becomes one of the most prominent artists of the Italian scene. Between 1933 and 1973 (year of his sudden demise) he made several architectural works - including his masterpieces: the Horse Turin Center, the Black Lake Sleigh cabin and the Nuovo Teatro Regio in Turin, all characterized by a special attention to functional aspect.
Just as much original was his work as interior designer and objects' designer. Mollino almost always produces unique pieces that look more like sculptures than actual furnishings.
He was called "designer without industry" because of his quest for innovation of materials and techniques without caring about serial production.
With his multifaceted and unconventional personality, he has been able to draw from every style and artistic movement of the twentieth century, from Art Nouveau to Futurism and even Surrealism, without freezing himself in a sole static position, but with continuous contamination between his art and his busy life.
Deeply fascinated by the nature and the feminine curves, Carlo Mollino often borrows from these worlds sophisticated geometries and sinuous lines, mixed with fantastical and literary suggestions.
His objects and furniture are now exhibited at MoMA in New York and at Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

A selection of these stunning objects is now available in DomuS3D® database to make your projects as beautiful and precious as ever.
Look for them in the section DOWNLOAD under the tag “Maticad generic objects” in order to download them in your pc. Then you only have to type "CARLO MOLLINO" in the research field in the FURNISHING section.

1 - Chair

3 - Cabinet

5 - Wall-mounted bedside table

7 - Desk Cavour

9 - Crystal table

2 - Armchair

4 - Wall lamp

6 - Coffee table

8 - Gilda lounge chair

10 - Lounge chair and ottoman