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Tips and Tricks: 10 steps to get the perfect VR panorama on DomuS3D®

DomuS3D® lets you create VR panoramas to be viewed with 3D goggles. Find out how in 10 simple steps.


Follow these instructions and see how easy it is to get the VR panorama you were hoping for:


Step 1

• Position yourself in the middle of the room in 3D Navigation.
• Set your view upright using the “N” key on your keyboard
• Rotate left or right using the keyboard arrows to make sure your image setting is correct (it should be equidistant from walls, doors and windows etc…)


Step 2

• Save your view


Step 3

• Go back to Layout: the camera icon represents the saved view
• Right click on the camera → “Properties”


Step 4

• Set the camera height: for average sized rooms, the recommended height is 125-135 cm
• Confirm by clicking “Ok”


Step 5

• Right click on the same icon → Choose “Navigate”


Step 6

• In the Navigation tab, select “Full Image” to render the room
• Make sure you have “Progressive” mode selected with “Maximum” quality (or “High” quality if using a low performance computer)
• Set a maximum time (in minutes) of no less than 5 hours (300 minutes). We recommend processing the rendering overnight in order to have more time available. For example, let's set 12 hours or 720 minutes. The rendering will automatically stop when it reaches either the preset quality or the maximum time.
• Select “VR panorama” in the “Image type” section
• Set the resolution
      • 1536 (for big images = 18.432 x 1536 pixels; a high performance computer is required)
      • 1024 (for medium sized images = 8.182 x 1024 pixel) or 512 (for small images = 6.144 x 512 pixel) for mid-range computers
• After having checked the correct exposure in the “Preview and exposure” section, you can generate the “job” and export it to Render Manager by selecting “Export job to Render Manager”


Step 7

• Select the folder that contains all your Render Manager jobs and rename your project file


Step 8

• Open Render Manager


Step 9

• Activate “High priority” in Render Manager settings → Confirm with “OK”
• “High Priority” is recommended when not using the computer for other activities. Note that all other computer operations will result much slower when dedicating all computer RAM to rendering the panorama
• Launch the rendering with the dedicated “Start Rendering” icon.


Step 10

• At the end of the elaboration you will find your VR panorama file in the folder dedicated to Render Manager. Upload it to DomuS360 to share it with whomever you like.