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CERSAIE 2016: feedback from the show

Technologies for the year 2017 have been revealed at the show

We have just come back from Cersaie 2016  and we're happy to report some of the feedback we received.

As usual, Maticad introduced at the show the news that will be delivered in early 2017. In the world of  DomuS3D® spectators at the event  and our customers were very excited about the latest VR Headsets (Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Cardboard, ...). We have made our software compatible with Metron, the leading Italian software  for modular furnishings.  We have also integrated the latest V-Ray version (rendering engine), as well as many other features to handle projects.

Augmented Reality, with RealityRemod, is becoming evermore important for the salesmen at the Point of Sale, as nowadays allows you to use covering materials as well as 3D objects, furniture and sanitary ware.

We would like to thank those who came to see us at the event  

The Maticad Team attending Cersaie 2016.

MATICAD s.r..l.