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The Ideal App for Sales Reps and Marketing Teams

Merchandising Configurator Merchandising configurator is an App made for sales teams that need to create orders and merchandising configurations for a showroom. You can select samples, catalogues and displays and configure them in detail with compatible panels.

The innovative system for configuring the display allows you to quickly and efficiently select the panels available for the container.

For each showroom, you can create unlimited orders and mapping configurations; qr-codes can dramatically speed up the mapping procedure.

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Why is important for the manufacturer?

You can always keep your merchandising catalogue up-to-date and share it with your sales team all over the world.

Orders and mapping configurations can be sent to (and automatically loaded in) the CRM

Mapping configurations give a detailed picture of the way your merchandising is placed in a given showroom

Allows you to map the configurations of your competitors in order to have the most complete set of information for a given showroom

Why is it important for the sales team?

They have access to an up-to-date merchandising catalogue on their tablet

By using a detailed profile system, they only download what they need

They can collect the order history of each showroom on their iPad

The App can host many different catalogues if needed for multiple-brand companies

Customers will see the difference in the high quality of service offered

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