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Share your projects with anyone in the world

DomuS3D.Box allows you to visualize 360° Panoramas of your projects by using the recent smartphones and tablets. A useful companion to DomuS3D® to collect projects on your device, or share them with colleagues and/or end-users.

  • Available on iOS and Android systems
  • App is free, and can be downloaded from AppStore or GooglePlay
  • Single Panoramas can be exported from within the standard DomuS3D®
Open DomuS3D® Box web site
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My DomuS3D.Box

If you want your project to be shared privately, you can send it as an email attachment.

On the other hand, if you want your company to share your project publicly, you can take advantage of our service: My DomuS3D.Box. Maticad provides this service, free to PRO customers who own a recent version of DomuS3D, to help you show the world the quality of your design projects.

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